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They Introduce Christians and Jews to the Biblical Yeshua

Boaz and Amber Michael
Boaz Michael, First Fruits of Zion, Founder & President

Two thousand years ago, we began drifting away from the simple truths taught by the Jewish Jesus. Centuries of misunderstanding about the Torah, the Jewish people, and the Jewishness of the New Testament obscured the good-news message of the kingdom. Replacement theology twisted God's Word and lost the historical context. Today a prophetic resurgence of truth is breaking out. FFOZ Friends are at the forefront of this restoration, advancing and sustaining the mission to restore truth through Messianic Jewish teaching for Christians and Jews. Become a Friend and join the mission.

What FFOZ Friends are Saying

  • It's humbling to support a movement and a mission with such far-reaching and transformational outcomes. FFOZ stewardship of resources is second to none. The Bram Center in Jerusalem is amazing. David and Donalee, Michigan, USA

  • I feel I'm a part of the LORD's plan to repair the world. In a measurable way, I see the flame of Torah being kindled throughout the whole earth, igniting the light of the Messiah for both Christians and Jews. Rayla-Jeanne, Texas, USA

  • FFOZ has been an enormous blessing in my community. The leadership is outstanding and caring, navigating and helping believers understand the Jewishness of Yeshua and the gospel. Debra Stackhouse, Illinois, USA

  • Being a Friend of FFOZ has been invaluable because we have benefited so much from the excellent scholarly work they produce, which we can study together with our Torah Club. I cannot begin to measure the joy, satisfaction and edification we have in being a part of this Godly vision. Lee Acker, Maryland, USA

  • It is an honor for me to be a part of the FFOZ mission in spreading the good news of the kingdom with depth and proper historical context. We are bringing Jews and Gentiles together under Messiah Jesus. I want to see this mission succeed for the sake of the kingdom, and it is a privilege to support this ministry as an FFOZ Friend. Andrew Cheong, Virgina, USA

Friends Fund these Ministries

Support our global mission to transform lives

  • The Bram Center

    The Bram Center for Messianic Jewish Learning celebrates the rich history and broad diversity of Jewish Yeshua-followers while focusing on the development of a Torah-based and traditional expression of Messianic Judaism. The Bram Center emphasizes three areas of focus: Yeshua faith, Torah-centered Messianic Judaism, and the land of Israel.

  • Vine of David

    Building Messianic Judaism by creating Yeshua-centered resources for Messianic Jews and Gentiles while, at the same time, rediscovering our history to connect the future of Messianic Judaism with its past.

  • Torah Club

    Torah Club is about learning and community. It's about people, relationships, and real social engagement in the form of weekly study groups. FFOZ Friends form the leadership for this global network.

  • Torah Portions

    Disseminating the Torah Portions to thousands of readers through email devotionals, commentaries on the Torah and the Gospels, and providing an online archive of free teachings, and audio readings.

  • FFOZ Kids

    Our ministry for young children has a mission of growing the disciples of Yeshua. FFOZ Kids provides Torah learning and Messianic education materials with an unapologetic focus on Yeshua, the Messiah.

  • 12-21 Youth

    Our youth initiative focuses on the next generation by connecting Messianic youth, both Jews and Gentiles, providing summer camps, seminars, retreats, and other events in Israel and the United States.

Friends Give and Receive

Support & Response Levels

There are three levels of support in the FFOZ Friends program, each with specific member benefits. You can join at any support level, and easily adjust it at any time!

  • Companion
  • $25 per month
  • Benefits
  • FFOZ Friends field report newsletter (Monthly)
  • Resource of the Month (audio and video teachings, ebooks, etc.)
  • Messiah Magazine subscriptions (Quarterly), plus Digital Archive of all previous issues.
  • Access to the FFOZ Friends Digital Library including all previous monthly audio teachings, videos, magazines, journals, and other exclusive resources
  • Access to all Torah Club Portion Connections videos, published weekly for the Jesus, My Rabbi study.
  • 10% off on all FFOZ-published resources on the Store
  • Ally
  • $50 per month
  • Benefits
  • All Companion benefits, plus:
  • One complete Torah Club Commentary Set and Torah Club Digital Audio Magazine (Annually)
  • Torah Club Leadership eligibility
  • Friends & Torah Club Leaders' Conference(s) access
  • Access for Torah Club Leaders to exclusive Torah Club content, Club Hub, quarterly enrichment seminars and roundtable leaders' training
  • Pillar
  • $100 per month
  • Benefits
  • All Companion and Ally benefits, plus:
  • Advance copies of all new FFOZ, Vine of David, and Bram Center resources
  • Directors Meeting: A video conference connecting Pillars with FFOZ Leadership (Quarterly)
  • Discounts on Israel Tours, 12-21 events, and free registration at FFOZ Conferences

Your contributions are tax-deductible. First Fruits of Zion is an IRS-recognized, not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Every contribution is tax-deductible to the full extent permitted by law.

Friends Receive Benefits

Resources for Learning & Enrichment

Store Discounts
10% Discount

Save 10% when you purchase any FFOZ-published resource at our online Store.

Companions, Allies, Pillars

FFOZ Friends Newsletter

Get a monthly field report keeping you connected to our outreach and the FFOZ Friends circle.

Companions, Allies, Pillars

Monthly Resource
Resource of the Month

Receive a fresh and uplifting resource every month, in audio, video or ebook format.

Companions, Allies, Pillars

Messiah Magazine
Messiah Magazine

Our full-color 48-page flagship magazine connects you to Israel, the Messianic Jewish world, and reveals the Jewishness of Jesus.

Companions, Allies, Pillars

Messiah Magazine
Messiah Journal

The Messiah Journal archives contain years of in-depth articles on progressive Messianic Jewish thought and theology.

Companions, Allies, Pillars

Digital Library
Digital Library

Easily access years of teaching material online, including all previous magazines and journals.

Companions, Allies, Pillars

Torah Club Sets
Torah Club

Request one complete Torah Club Commentary and Digital Audio Magazine set, annually.

Allies, Pillars

Torah Club Leader
Torah Club Leadership eligibility

As an FFOZ Friend you are eligible to start a Torah Club at zero additional cost.

Allies, Pillars

Leaders Conference
Leadership Conference

Right of access to join us at our annual Friends & Torah Club Leaders' Conference.

Allies, Pillars

New Resources
Free New Resources

Receive advance copies of all new FFOZ, Vine of David, and Bram Center resources and publications.


Torah Clubhouse
Torah Clubhouse

Request one free annual Torah Clubhouse subscription for kids ages 8—12.


Video Conference
Directors Meeting

Join our quarterly video conference connecting Pillars with FFOZ Leadership.


Event Discounts
Israel Tours, and Events

Get discounts on Israel Tours, 12-21 events, and free registration at FFOZ conferences.


FFOZ Friends

Our Four Key Missions

Established in 1992 with four key missions: restoring the Jewishness of Jesus, restoring his message about the kingdom, restoring the authority of the Torah, and restoring the people of Israel. FFOZ Friends are at the forefront of this restoration, providing the support and advancing the cause to teach the truth and raise disciples for the Jewish Jesus.


You are standing with us to present the real Yeshua – the Jewish Jesus – the Messiah of Israel.


You are standing with us to proclaim the true gospel message of repentance and the kingdom of heaven.


You are standing with us to uphold the Torah, strengthen the gospel message, and proclaim God's eternal truth.


You are standing with us to correct supersessionism and replacement theology by putting Israel back in the center.

Torah Club

Torah Club has transformed into study groups all over the world. Learn more and get started!

Vine of David

Supporting Messianic Jewish communities that are faithful in practice to Torah, Messiah, and the Jewish people.


Discipleship courses that respectfully explore the Jewish foundation of Christianity, and your Israel connection.

Torah Portions

Explore the weekly Torah portions, commentaries, and listen to Scripture readings, and get free reading schedule.


A community of Messianic youth strengthening the bonds of faith through events and learning opportunities.

Partner With Us

FFOZ Friends supports of our mission and vision. Learn more and join with us today.