Last update: Tuesday, Jul 17, 2018


Last update: Tuesday, Jul 17, 2018

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Age of Miracles

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Pillars, Allies, CompanionsJuly 17, 2018

When our Master Yeshua walked the earth, he performed many great miracles, as did his apostles. Miraculous signs and wonders seemed to be expected by early believers, so why do we not experience miracles today? Has the age of miracles come to an end? As disciples of the Master, we base our faith on the greatest miracle of all—the resurrection of the dead. In Age of Miracles, First Fruits of Zion teacher and author Toby Janicki shows us that the age of miracles has only begun. Miracles come in different shapes and sizes. We only need to keep our eyes open and recognize that God’s abundant miracles are with us every day.

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Study Is the Highest Form of Worship

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Pillars, Allies, CompanionsJune 17, 2018

What is worship? From a Jewish perspective, worship of God is a lot more than attending a praise and worship service. Instead, the study of the Torah is considered to be the highest form of worship. Deuteronomy chapter 6 says, “And you shall love the LORD your God … these words that I command you shall be upon your heart.” This refers to study of Torah, because through study, you recognize the One who spoke and caused the universe to come into existence. Join us as Torah Club Community Care Coordinator Damian Eisner delves into the topic of study as the highest form of worship. Learn how the discipline of Torah study is the path to fulfilling the greatest commandment.

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Biblical Basis for Religious Zionism

( 1 MP4 track, 40 minutes / 37.8 MB )

Pillars, Allies, CompanionsMay 21, 2018

The nation of Israel declared independence on May 14, 1948. Immediately attacked by her Arab neighbors, Israel set to work protecting herself. God granted his people success and each year great celebrations take place in the land on Iyyar 4, Yom Ha’atzma’ut, Israel Independence Day. The prophecies of the Bible are in motion. The fig tree is blossoming again. God’s chosen people are in their land, and Jerusalem is their capital. First Fruits of Zion Education Director, D. Thomas Lancaster, takes us on a brief journey through the biblical and modern history of the nation of Israel, showing us three premises that establish the biblical basis for religious Zionism.

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