Last Update: Monday, Mar 16, 2020

Last Update: Monday, Mar 16, 2020

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Galatians within Judaism

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Pillars, Allies, CompanionsMarch 16, 2020

Galatians is one of the most difficult and misunderstood letters written by the Apostle Paul. Classic Christian interpreters have made certain assumptions about the text that affect their interpretation of the rest of the Bible. But what was really going on with “Paul’s Gentiles” in Galatia? Ryan Lambert sits down for a conversation with Dr. Mark Nanos to discuss and “de-rhetorize” the book of Galatians. At the heart of the discussion is Paul’s view of the gospel and its effect on the identity and social order of the Jewish and Gentile members of the community of faith.

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Reading Philippians after Supersessionism

( 1 MP3 track, 47 minutes / 44.6 MB )

Pillars, Allies, CompanionsFebruary 24, 2020

Did the Apostle Paul turn his back on the Torah and his Jewish heritage in his pursuit of the Messiah? For centuries the book of Philippians has been read through a paradigm that said, “YES!” But a new perspective has emerged within the world of Christian scholars. Christopher Zoccali is one such “Post-Supersessionist” scholar who offers a very different perspective. In this conversation with Ryan Lambert, Zoccali highlights the dangers of supersessionism, affirms his belief in God’s abiding covenant with Israel, and articulates his view on the Apostle Paul’s passion that Christ-followers find their chief identity in Messiah as a fulfillment of biblical prophecy despite the social pressures and conflicts of the day.

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Messianic Hope

( 1 MP3 track, 36 minutes / 34.8 MB )

Pillars, Allies, CompanionsDecember 12, 2019

Isaiah 7 and 8 confirm God’s eternal covenant relationship with the house of David. God sent judgment on those who plotted to attack Jerusalem, having rejected his “gently flowing waters from Shilo’ach” (Isaiah 8:6). With this phrase, Isaiah firmly anchors the messianic hope to Jerusalem, the city from which Yeshua ascended to heaven and to which he will descend again. In Messianic Hope, First Fruits of Zion Director of Outreach, Ryan Lambert, explores Isaiah 7 and 8 in context. He challenges the assembly of students at Bryan College in Dayton, Tennessee, to make the kingdom of heaven a reality today in radical ways: remember Jerusalem and the Jewish people, protect the covenantal relationship of the Jewish people with God, and carry out the vision of the prophets and apostles by promoting justice, righteousness, and mercy.

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