The Mission

Go through, go through the gates; prepare the way for the people; build up, build up the highway; clear it of stones; lift up a signal over the peoples. (Isaiah 62:10)

“A huge task of a small community.”

— Abram (Bram) Poljak, 1948. Pioneer of Modern-Day Messianic Judaism in Israel


We need you to join with us in repairing the breach between the Jewish people and the disciples of Jesus. Messianic Jewish teachings require an enormous paradigm shift to the conventional Christian reading of the New Testament, and they involve a complete rethinking of Yeshua of Nazareth for the Jewish people. This mission is a huge task for a small community.


Many believers in Jesus grasp the fact that the modern rise of Messianic Judaism has deep implications on God’s prophetic plan. But the dilemma that many of these same people face is finding solid and comprehensive teachings that will guide them to have a correct understanding and response to this important move of God. First Fruits of Zion exists to serve God’s people in this way.

Building Together

First Fruits of Zion is passionate about “removing every obstacle” and “preparing the way” for the return of the Messiah. Heavy obstacles are before us: Replacement theology, anti-Semitism, anti-Israel bias, ignorance about the Jewishness of Jesus and Paul, and two thousand years of anti-Jewish theology are formidable barriers to the advancement of the kingdom.

And it will be said, “Build up, build up, prepare the way, remove every obstacle out of the way of My people.” (Isaiah 57:14)

Creating Educational Resources for the Body

First Fruits of Zion

In order to build, you need a solid foundation. By bringing Messianic Jewish teaching to Christians and Jews, our educational efforts at First Fruits of Zion repair and strengthen the biblical foundations of our faith, thus building up the body of Messiah. Our books, commentaries, audio and video teachings, tours to Israel, and discipleship courses restore faith in Messiah within the context of the land, the people, and the Scriptures of Israel. Everything we do is done with the intention of revealing Messiah as King, and works to help us deepen our devotion to his call of holiness, and to build up his kingdom.

Imparting a Messianic Jewish Identity

Vine of David

Many Messianic Jews have given their lives to “preparing the way” for the Messiah. Through the work of Vine of David, we are resurrecting the stories, testimonies, and teachings of early Messianic Jewish pioneers.

Knowing our faith history imparts a strong sense of identity as Jewish and Gentile disciples, which creates a clearer vision for the future. We are busy creating resources connecting us to the historical and traditional practice of Yeshua.

Teaching and Learning in the Heart of Jerusalem

The Bram Center

Every building has a window and a door. The Bram Center is our organizational display window. Positioned in the heart of Jerusalem on the famous pedestrian mall, Ben Yehuda Street, we present the Jewish Yeshua as the Messiah of Israel. We are carefully at work defending our Master Yeshua, and correcting misconceptions that have distanced the Jewish people from him and his message. The Bram Center is a place of meeting, learning, and dialogue for those living in Israel as well as the many visitors from the nations coming to Israel to seek the heritage and roots of their faith.

Raising up the Next Generation of Leaders

The 12-21 Youth Program

A solid structure lasts for generations as an inheritance for those who will follow. Through our 12-21 youth program we are focused on transmitting Messianic faith to the next generation — to take on the yoke of the kingdom of God as solid disciples of Yeshua.

Through the development of targeted resources, a strong online presence, youth camps, special events, and an extensive gap-year educational program, we hope to assist parents in raising up the next generation of disciples, equipping them to be great leaders.

Will You Join the Mission?

Your decision today to become a ministry partner, an FFOZ Friend, brings with it the opportunity to help reach the world, starting in Jerusalem, and continuing to the very ends of the earth. In response to your support we will send you resources to aid in your spiritual growth and learning.

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